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Sunday, April 17, 2011

wedding quilt

I am so very pleased, this quilt was purchased as a wedding present for a wedding in the United Kingdom at the end of the month. Hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of stitches, all the lines of stitching are less than an inch apart and the quilting stitches themselves run approx. ten per inch. I am very proud of my handwork and very fussy about the standard of quilting and applique.
I hope the newly married couple is very happy and the lovely gal that purchased this art/craft/quilt is very pleased also.

There are not adequate words to express my delight that this piece was purchased. I think I shall put another quilt on the hoops, this time an Amish design.


  1. Such a different and great gifts ideas.....Really nice design on wedding quilt.

  2. Beautiful!! A real work of art!!

  3. Tis beautiful indeed...Im sure it is detailed to perfection....I think the buyer will realize what an amazing work of art they have purchased and will enjoy for a life time. You are AMAZING! Keep on bloggin:) Loves!