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Friday, April 8, 2011

Helen the blind chicken

It has been snowing, a thick wet spring snow it sticks to everything even the chickens. Poor Helen the blind chicken was standing in the duck water soaking wet and covered in snow. We have to watch out for her, she often gets stuck and has no idea which way to go, she falls in the window wells often too. Anyway the boys felt sorry for her so they brought her in to dry out. Poor old thing picked her way over to Burgess' bird stand where she stepped up on the bottom braces, well then she could not move 'cause she had no idea if she was three inches up or six feet, she would have stayed there for hours.
We usually have to tap to show her where the food is, or put her foot on it then she understands and tries to pick at it. She had a hard time finding the bread though. She is smart enough to try and come to me when I call her or if she is stuck and I am calling her she will cluck in answer so she can be rescued.

Every night the other chickens put themselves to bed in their little hen house and every night one of us goes out with a flash light to find Helen and put her in the feed bowl in the coop so she can find her food and be safe at night. The other chickens don't like her much but only one of them really picks on her.

I have no idea how she lost her sight, somebody showed up on my doorstep with her, she was wandering lost and alone in a field.

Poor Helen.


  1. Poor Helen, indeed. She is lucky that she was brought to such nice people who would take care of her.

  2. you are a regular a dr. doolittle sort of way.....You are awesome!!!Sweet little red hen:)

  3. You and yours are an amazing family! Love reading your posts!