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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


This pic has been circulating on Facebook, I hope nobody minds if I use it.

The dryer setting is truly the only thing normal about this household.

Yesterday we had a little Mallard hen in the duck's swimming pool she is gone this afternoon. Perhaps she made her way down to the canal, I wish she would have stayed.

While I was feeding mushy watermelon to the ducks, chickens and turkeys, Husbutt stepped outside, stared in amazement and then informed me I was poor white trash,  why yes, yes I am.

It has been blazing hot, but cools down beautifully in the evenings, the mountain air can get quite chilly, but during the day the birds are pretty miserable and mostly hide under all the bushes in the yard.  I don't think people realize just how many I really have in this little yard. Thank heavens.

Our tiny De'Uccle bantam rooster has started to crow, he is off kilter until he gets his song memorized and the adolescent tone matures, it is very very funny. He has such a tiny voice, perhaps we will be able to keep him, I don't think his voice carries past the  yard.
If only he would hold still long enough to get a decent picture.

Lately I have been so sad, deeply deeply sad and there is no reason for it. We are all well and happy, there are no excuses.  Perhaps I shall blame it on the heat.

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  1. Maren--I wish I could see that little pool with all the birds! There are so many things in the world right now to feel sad about and then with the oppressive heat, it can seem like just too much. Glad you and your family are well.