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Monday, June 4, 2012

its about time

Things have been incredibly busy lately.    The garden has been  planted, we have added another bee hive that makes three, the chicks are finally out of my office and they are happily running around the yard, except for the bantams they are corralled out by the hen house, they are just so super tiny I hesitate to let them be out on their own.                                                           
 My wonderful son, the youngest, graduated from high school with honors.  I am so proud of him, what a great kid, smart, kind, thoughtful and wouldn't say shit if he had a mouthful.  How many kids can you say that about now days? He is just an all around remarkable  young man. I am so proud of him.  He has done so well especially in surviving his tormenting brothers and eccentric mom.
Our little Robin guest is doing very well, she does need to learn to  eat on her own, she still wants to be fed. She flies well and seems happy though she is super tame, we are hoping she wilds up once she is released.

 Here she is sitting on Lynx's wine box.  Lynx loves this box, she opens the lid by herself and oozes right in.  We don't drink, I have the box for her and because I love the logo on the box....

and Lynx peeked out to see who was tapping on the top of her box.  IS someone knocking?

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  1. Hi Maren!! Congrats on your son's graduation. I must have missed the original post about your new little robin (while on vacation). What an amazing photo that last one is--Lynx doesn't bother the little bird?