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Monday, May 7, 2012

Full and overflowing

 Tasmanian was laying in his basket nest to a collage I am working on, I thought it made such a nice pose and the saying on the painting seemed appropo.
 One of my all time favorite camp grounds in Logan Canyon, DeWitt.  Most springs it is under water, nobody ever goes there and it is one of the prettiest places I know.  We took the dogs there Sunday evening, so beautiful and only fifteen minutes from home.

Sunday morning Minime showed up with eight exquisite babies. There is nothing as adorable as a new duckling.

My little back yard is bursting with life and so is my office, I have baby chickens and turkeys inside and the ducklings with their mamma and all the other ducks, chickens and turkeys are outside.  The new ducklings are so tiny they and their mamma are confined in the hen house until the babies are a little stronger.  I am hoping she takes good care of them or they too will be in the house.
Oh, and the bees are outside, can't forget the bees, my apple tree is literally humming with them.

Little duck Meeto is sitting on eggs so maybe hers will hatch too. She has five eggs, we will see how many hatch.


  1. Those little ducklings are so sweet!!

  2. Thanks for the visit, stranger.

    Fox = this link:

    For some inspiration browse his archives. I'll not spoil the trip.