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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

antique couch, so close to finish!

All that is left to finish the couch, is cover the staple edges with trim and decorative nail heads.
It needs a great deal of trim, many yards of it, so I have to order the yardage.

It is a gorgeous taupe linen. I love it, it is now covered in heavy plastic and everyone has strict orders not to touch it. Woe to any animal who thinks it looks comfortable!
I will repost pics when the trim is finished.
There is new burlap straps on the bottom, new burlap over the old springs which I restrung. Then there is foam covered with many layers of cotton batting, the edge wire is also covered in heavy cotton linters and covered in burlap, as a sort of fox-edging, then over the batting is a muslin layer and then the linen.
The arm rests and the backs still contain the over 100 year old batting and horse hair.
It wa a lot of work but I love the way it looks, it was so worth it.


  1. Beautiful work. Where'd you come by the original.

  2. what an exciting piece of furniture....looks just like you it.....twas good to see you..even if it was in Wallies:/