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Monday, August 2, 2010

First week of August

Almost have this done!
Running through the sprinklers on a hot summer day.

Mommy ( Minime) watching over her babies as they play in the mud puddle under the faucet. If I get too close she will launch herself at me and try to beat me to death with her wings. She is a tiny little thing but incredibly fierce when it comes to her babies.

Lynx, also known as Bathroom Kitty, laying on my desk.... she has the finest, longest whiskers I have ever seen.
We have decided to call Mr. Tinky, The Pirhana. Holy Cow, it is a good thing he is super tiny because if he was a regular sized dog the begging would be intolerable.
He has found the delights of people food.
All my dogs are beggars but this little guy is the horrible. Add a ton of cute-factor to persistent begging and it is pestering at its worst.
He is under his blankie right now, I will try and post new pics of the little stinker and his sweet girlfriend, Miss Piggy.


  1. Your birds are wonderful! Fun photos of your ducks in the sprinkler and your kitty.

  2. Very cute! You should post a picture of Helen because I openly laughed after reading that on Facebook ;)