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Thursday, April 8, 2010

New prints in Foxearth Farm Etsy shop

New Prints in my Etsy shop.
I love these. The colors are so rich and intense.
The eggs were freshly gathered and washed. Pretty. I always love gathering eggs.


  1. I could see these pics in a collage....the eggs even have a bluish hue to them....nice =] I love how you see the beauty in all things.

  2. I love the colors - So fun - We are building a chicken coop and I want it to be rainbow color. LOL!

  3. Sharee, good for you, do it!!!
    Try your local dump they usually have paint to be recycled for super cheap and it's usually good paint too.

    My chicken house is bright blue:)
    I painted my son's room a great chocolate color with dump paint.